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Eastern Edgeis the Modern Zen office facility that harmonizes form and function to inspire professional creativity and innovation. Showcasing a minimalist contemporary interpretation of classical Zen design principles, Eastern Edge awakens and calms the senses; the balance of yin and yang evokes a peaceful environment in which work is a pleasure.

Zen design is typified in our use of natural materials – bamboo, wood, water and stone – in which the element of air and its interplay with light and the arrangement of space is just as important as the people and objects occupying it.

The modern component is evident in the emphasis on ergonomic work-stations and state-of-the-art IT and conferencing facilities characterized by maximum reliability, connectivity and flexibility – all to support our tenants’ fluid interaction with their business environment. Our tenants’ cutting-edge e-commerce activity and branding strongly complements the fresh look and feel of Eastern Edge.

Finally, the aesthetic principle of wabi-sabi is also evident in the Japanese garden – a miniature stylized landscape that invites recreation, pleasure and contemplation.

Evolving Portfolio

While our network of experts delights in configuring the perfect professional office space and luxury vacation rental for you, we work from the perspective that it is the client who brings the most valuable insight, to the process of establishing themselves in the perfect property. In the words of one of our closest partners, “We listen, we believe, we support, we celebrate.”

Whether you subscribe to the vision of Modern Zen, prefer the more formal style of Neoclassical architecture, or perhaps even have avant-garde leanings toward Art Deco, we push back limits of the imagination in our mission to be the premier partner of choice, to arrange for our clients to thrive in the perfect property.

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