Chefach Holdings – Premier Provider of Properties

About Us

Helping You Everything Untill You Get Your House

Customized Real Estate Solutions

Chefach Holdings is a real estate investment and leasing boutique which pools interdisciplinary expertise to deliver comprehensive real estate solutions, customized to the exacting specifications of its discerning clientele.

Our Services

We offer both individualized and end-to-end full service solutions including the following:

  • property identification, appraisal and due diligence;

  • market valuation, financial consulting and arrangement;

  • investment, purchase/sale and leasing;

  • logistics, appointment and technical configuration;

  • property customization and improvement services.

Our Team

Our property specialists wield deep real estate industry knowledge and skills, diverse property markets intelligence, and an extensive network of property industry associations, trusted sub-/contractor relationships, and sophisticated co-/investors and tenants.

They are supported by a dedicated in-house team of highly qualified financial, legal and marketing professionals who can project the cash-flows and arrange fair transactions around your real estate vision, to streamline and protect its passage into a tangible, sustainable success.

Our team collaborates with you closely, to deliver the right property portfolio, at the best price, with premier concierge-level service.